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Hi there! I'm Marissa

I am a wife to an amazing man who tolerates me every day, and a mom to 2 little boys. My oldest son is the kindest, most gentle soul, and my youngest is unapologetically his own person. When it comes to children, I am able to connect with them on a different level that brings comfort and familiarity to everyone.
In my previous career, I was a healthcare worker, and worked with both pediatric and adult patients for over 12 years. I left in 2020 to become a full time photographer, and I love every minute!

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Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..

Photography is so much more than just pictures. It's moments that are frozen in time, that bring back floods of memories from such a precious time. As a self conscious momma myself, some times it's so hard to take those pictures, but we HAVE to do it!

Photographs are the first thing we look for when we're remembering a loved one.

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